Special Needs Playground Designs

Playground Designs that Cater for the Special Needs of Users with Disabilities

Years of experience enables adventure+ to develop playground designs that cater for the special needs of users with disabilities and their carers. Integrated play environments that provide equal access for all abilities can be created, and these are attractive to a wide range of users, suiting children with very limited mobility (including wheelchair users), as well as those with normal abilities. Access ramps, maze areas, accessible and inclusive play elements such as nest swings and multi user elements that allow a user’s carer to provide assistance can all be utilised as appropriate.

Of course, all types of activities do not suit all types of disabilities, and our designers have developed special needs playground solutions for the specialised needs of blind, autistic, and spastic centres. In other projects, special consideration has been given to users with behavioural and intellectual disabilities. Click below for some great examples from our extensive portfolio of unique play spaces: