pinnacle+ Steel Frame Structures Colour Range

The selection of colours for play equipment is an important part of the design process, and should take into account the proposed user group and the surrounding environment. The colours of pinnacle+ Steel Frame Structures can be separated into three areas; the colour of the main framework, the lower steel section of the sphere joiners (the upper plastic section is supplied in black) and the rope. Colours can be selected to coordinate or contrast with each other, according to personal taste.

Frame and Joiner Colours

The standard colours shown below are readily available and have proved to be popular in outdoor playground equipment applications, however, other colours are available, although additional lead times and costs may be involved. It is most important to recognise that all colours fade over time, but that bright, bold or strong colours will show most noticeably (especially reds). When selecting colours, please consider the effect of fading on the long term appearance of your playground.

Beige RAL 1001Yellow RAL 1021Orange RAL 2003Red RAL 3000Dark Blue RAL 5013Light Blue RAL 5023Dark Green RAL 6002Bright Green RAL 6018Charcoal RAL 7016Light Grey RAL 7035Aluminium RAL 9006White RAL 9010

Rope Colours

Red Blue Green Yellow Black