Installation Process

Long Proven Installation Process That Delivers Successful Outcomes

With over 30 years experience in the playground industry, adventure+ has developed and proven play space installation methods and procedures that ensure the process is streamlined and delivers the best outcomes for our clients. We have earnt a reputation for excellence and integrity in our project management capabilities.


The process starts with planning the installation to ensure that the project is completed in an efficient and timely manner. Supply of materials, contractors and installation dates are scheduled. Information regarding the location of any existing underground services is obtained, either directly from the client, or from a full site scan carried out for an extra charge. Arrangements are made for the adequate protection of the work site during construction.

Site Preparation

At this stage, the site is prepared ready for the new playground. If required, any existing equipment is demolished and removed. Any unwanted existing mulch or other undersurfacing, is either removed, or where possible, stockpiled for reuse after the playground equipment has been installed. Sites are cleared, profiled and/or excavated to the correct depth as required, depending on the proposed edging style and whether it is to be flush with the surrounding surfaces or sitting up as a step up.

Playground Installation

Once the site is ready, the new play equipment can be installed! Our installation teams are trained and experienced and will make sure that your playground is installed correctly to ensure compliance to Australian Standards. Especially important is that the required unobstructed impact areas around the equipment are provided in accordance with the Standard. Quality control checks are carried out to ensure that the workmanship is of a high standard.


Some individual sites may require agricultural drainage to be installed, in particular sites where the edging, especially concrete kerb, is to be flush with the surrounding surfaces. Typically, drainage pipes will be run along the lowest side of the play area, with extra lines through the centre as appropriate to the size of the area, which will then terminate in a sump outside the play area.


If the play space has no existing edging that is being retained, new edging as required is installed next. Whether it is ACQ treated pine, concrete kerb, rubber log or some other material, the installation team will ensure that the required unobstructed impact areas are maintained at all points.


Undersurfacing installation is the next step, and whatever material, or combination of materials that has been selected will be installed to a sufficient depth and/or so as to meet the fall attenuation requirements of the Standard.

Site Rectification

Once construction works are completed, all rubbish generated through the works will be removed, play items will be cleaned down and any impacts on the surrounding area will be rectified. Particular sites, depending on the extent and type of works, will require reinstatement of unused existing areas to lawn and rectification of the surfaces around the outside of new edging.

Practical Completion

Final quality control checks of the works are carried out and a Practical Completion Certificate and Playground Owner’s Manual are supplied. The brand new play space is ready for use!