Ancillary Works

All the Necessary Ancillary Works to Make the Project Complete

While the play activities are the most exciting part of a play space development, there are often ancillary works that are required to make the project complete. In particular, undersurfacing under and around the equipment needs to be installed in accordance with Australian Standards. adventure+ has the capability to manage this, along with the playground edging if it is required and a range of other works as shown below.


The majority of play spaces need some form of edging, particularly to retain loose fill undersurfacing where it is used, and we have a full range of different options available as shown below:

ACQ TREATED PINE1-timber-border

ACQ treated pine sleepers are one of the most popular forms of playground edging. Relatively cost effective and free from harmful treatment chemicals, they are a great option in a wide variety of situations. With posts concreted into the ground at regular intervals, multiple sleepers can be stacked on top of each other to form retaining walls, as may be required on sloping sites.

CONCRETE KERB1-concrete-kerb

Concrete kerb edging is an effective option where a curved and non-linear play space shape is desired. Normally constructed using a concrete kerbing machine, it can be installed partially above the ground, or, most commonly, flush with the surrounding ground, which provides easy access, particularly for disabled users.


RUBBER LOG1-rubber-border

Rubber logs are supplied in separate sections which are butt joined together and pinned to the ground and are utilised where a different aesthetic look is desired. They are manufactured from rubber granules formed into a suitable profile and size to retain loose fill undersurfacing.


INFORMAL EDGE1-informal-edge

An informal edge is the most basic way to finish the play space edge and involves, in the case of mulch, simply tapering the mulch depth down to meet the surrounding surfaces. In the case of rubber undersurfacing, it can be rolled over at the edge and under the surrounding ground, forming a neat and easy transition between the two surfaces.


Under the Australian Standard AS 4422:2016, undersurfacing with sufficient impact attenuating properties is required under the majority of playground equipment, dependent on its free height of fall. We have a range of undersurfacing options available and we will ensure that whatever is chosen, it is a compliant product and is installed correctly and/or to a sufficient depth to meet the requirements of the Standard.


Mulch is a common and initially cost effective undersurfacing option, but it does require regular replenishment over the life of a play space. While there are many different mulches available on the market, not all have been tested in accordance with AS 4422:2016 and approved for use in playgrounds. We have various approved products available, and can even arrange for it to be blown into the site where access for a machine is limited or difficult.


Rubber is a popular undersurfacing option, due to its low maintenance and the design opportunities it provides from the range of colours available and the patterns that can be created to add to the play experience of users. Shapes, figures, text and silhouettes can all be used to stimulate the play experience. Whether it be a site applied colour, pre-coated SBR or EPDM surface, we can provide a complete package from the site excavation, preparation and base laying through to the installation of the play surface. Where budget constraints dictate, a combination of rubber and loose fill undersurfacing can be utilised. Smaller sections of rubber can be installed within a loose fill surface, such as pathways and aprons to provide all abilities access to the play space.

SYNTHETIC TURF1-synthetic-turf

Synthetic turf is a similar option to rubber, just with a different aesthetic look. It is available in various colours and turf styles and has impact attenuating pads installed under the turf surface layer. Offering similar low maintenance characteristics as rubber, without the need for ongoing replenishment, it is ideal where this particular look is required.



Another loose fill option, sand is often utilised in seaside and coastal environments. Typically it needs to be installed to a thicker depth than mulch, but as there is less maintenance required, due to it not breaking down as mulch does, it can still be relatively cost effective. Before choosing sand undersurfacing, consideration needs to be given its abrasive nature and the effect of this on playground components such as fibreglass components and coatings like powder coat.

RUBBER LANDING PADS1-rubber-landing-pads

When loose fill undersurfacing is used, rubber landing pads can be used in high wear areas such as at the base of slides and under swings, to prevent the displacement of the loose fill causing hollows at the wear points. Rubber landing pads are prefabricated, consisting of a rubber tile on a timber frame, which is then pinned to the ground. Different sizes and impact attenuating grades are available for different applications. Click below for details.

Other Site Works


Whether it be an existing underground services scan, temporary fence, or other preliminary work, we can assist by arranging them as part of the project.


We can also take care of any site preparation works that are required. If necessary, any existing equipment can be demolished and removed. Any unwanted existing mulch or other undersurfacing, can be either removed, or where possible, stockpiled for reuse after the playground equipment has been installed. Sites can be cleared, profiled and/or excavated to the correct depth as required.


We can also provide agricultural drainage for the individual sites that require it to be installed, in particular sites where the edging, especially concrete kerb, is flush with the surrounding surfaces. Typically, drainage pipes will be run along the lowest side of the play area, with extra lines through the centre as appropriate to the size of the area, which will then terminate in a sump outside the play area.


Where the overall play space design requires not only the play activities and their necessary site works, but also landscape elements, typically for aesthetic enhancement and to provide a connection with nature, we can also help out. Partnering with experienced Landscape Contractors, we can provide a range of landscaping services including planting, placement of rocks and logs, dry creek beds, paving and more.


Where particular sites require it, depending on the extent and type of works, we can carry out rectification works, including the reinstatement of unused existing areas to lawn and rectification of the surfaces around the outside of new edging.

Outdoor Furniture

Complementing our play items, Asento is a range of outdoor furniture designed and manufactured in house. Starting with the functional Global range up to the stylish Meridian range, it includes a wide range of styles and designs to suit different requirements, environments and budgets. Of course, as with all our products, Asento is built to exacting quality standards and designed to maximise longevity.

Shade Structures

Shade provision is an important element in the play area and in certain situations is vital to the continuing health and wellbeing of your kids. As part of the package, we can provide a shade solution for your situation, with the location, sun direction and play equipment size all taken into careful consideration to ensure that the best option is provided. With different styles available, including twisted sails and hip/ridge structures, along with a choice of fabrics and colours, there is a solution to suit every situation.