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Video: 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Play Space


A huge amount of time, work effort and cost go into designing a play space. In this video, our playground consultant, James Rogers, shares 5 tips to create an effective playground.

1. Design for children

Probably the most important point in playground design is to remember who the playground is for. It’s for children! We need to look at the children and observe how they use the playground and how they think. Even asking children what they like in a playground is a great idea.

2. Consider parents, carers & supervisors

Of course, the playground is designed for children, but don’t forget who brings them to a play space. These people can be parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties and so on. If they don’t like going, they won’t take the children. So, we need to provide amenities like seating, car parking, easy access paths or perhaps a little bit of shade while they’re watching their children playing in that amazing play space design you’ve just created.

3. Balance between form & function

We need to ensure we’ve got a balance between form and function. Think of the children first then add design elements. That ‘wow’ factor may look good on paper but it may not necessarily what children are interested in.

4. Include a wide range of play opportunities

We also need to provide a wide range of play activities. It’s important to consider for all ages and abilities. This may be swings and slides, but it also might be simple things like rockers for little kids or it might be a giant swing for older children. We need to think of all age groups.

5. Make the playground customised & unique

Once you’ve designed a play space that you know children are going to love, then you can start applying yourself to the extra details that will attract not only children, but everyone else, including locals. Think about things like the site, the history, the location, what happened in the past, what could be happening in the future and apply that to your playground design.

Creating a great play space is hard work, but we all know it’s worth it. If you have any questions about these tips or about an upcoming project, contact our playground consultants on 1300 237 587 or email sales@adventureplus.net.au

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