WH Robinson Reserve

The WH Robinson Reserve playground has a vast range of play elements that gives it both a unique appearance and maximum play value. Through its ability to customise play structures, adventure+ was able to fulfil the specific City of Darebin brief.

Utilising the symmetry+ timber system, this playground includes a play unit with rustic roofs which joins to a high play tower, which was inspired by another recently completed play tower. The play tower achieved the desired ‘high’ look that the client wanted as well as elements that challenge senior children, for example a large rock climbing wall, tunnel slide and a high fireman’s pole. The rock wall stands at 3 metres tall, which is the highest allowed under the Australian Standards, and was designed to develop older children’s risk management and coordination.

A great project that showcases adventure+ ability to work with a client to achieve a unique and age appropriate playground.

WH Robinson Reserve

Our products utilised in this play space include:


I have worked with adventure+ before in the past and knew that they not only sold off the shelf items of play equipment, but have a lot of experience and success in custom design.

Claire Bottrall, City of Burnside