Westbourne Grammar School

The brief for this project was for a unique playground with a natural feel.  Our symmetry+ system was utilised for the main platform section to capitalise on the natural beauty of White Cypress timber.  To further impart the natural theme, the timber was left uncoated and various unique design features were included, such as the random height main uprights and the random angled tops on the guardrail panels.

The playground is not only aesthetically pleasing, but great fun as well!  Abutting the play unit is a pinnacle+ Modular Structure, which provides an exciting network of rope climbing activities that provides a transition from one side of the play space across and onto the main timber section.

The colours used on the play unit are muted, natural colours, which is in keeping with the design intention, and make it blend in with the surrounding environment.  The surrounding landscaping works create an attractive play environment that ties in with the playground very well.

Westbourne Grammar School

Our products utilised in this play space include:

The playground has turned out even better than I imagined! I’m also very grateful to the team who pulled out all the stops and got the project completed before the start of term 2.

Judith Wood, Belair Primary School