Tintern School

Jeavons Landscape Architects collaborated with adventure+ to design the playground at Tintern Junior School.

The school has a beautiful natural environment and is set in a woodland setting and the play space brief required minimal disturbance of the trees and natural environment.  The playground is situated on a recently demolished building footprint and now creates a series of complex outdoor play zones.

The two main play structures are separated by a pebble creek with large rock edging to accommodate the existing slope.  Two rock forts formed with monolithic rock slabs book end the pebble creek.  While the use of timber, rock, loose pebbles and neutral tones respond to the natural setting, the play space is also an active one that encourages healthy risk taking.

Apart from the main play structures, the play space also includes a range of other play elements including a rope climbing structure, trampoline and track ride, making it a comprehensive destination for the students!

Tintern School

Our products utilised in this play space include:

It is always an absolute pleasure working with all of the staff at adventure+, from design, construction, accounts and ongoing maintenance perspectives

Amy Cumming, City of Casey