Galbally Reserve – Fitness Station

Galbally Reserve is a large reserve not only designated as a place to play and have fun, but also for fitness and outdoor activities. adventure+ was invited by the City of Monash to create a playground and fitness station that was challenging, fun and visually appealing.

The parkour fitness station is a unique challenging combination of several activities to challenge fitness skill and ability. Starting with a reasonably easy monkey bar course, it increases in difficulty with the spinner crossing and the arched monkey bar, finishing with the flexible rings and dip bars. Suitable for all age groups, it can be a fun and engaging activity that helps build agility and strength.

The parkour unit is hard to miss with its bright orange powder coat, but subtle enough to feel part of the environment. The residents and council alike were very pleased with the outcome, fulfilling all the requirements and more.

Galbally Reserve – Fitness Station

Our products utilised in this play space include:

I have worked with adventure+ before in the past and knew that they not only sold off the shelf items of play equipment, but have a lot of experience and success in custom design.

Claire Bottrall, City of Burnside