Edwardstown Primary School

Edwardstown Primary School in South Australia wanted a playground that was different from their current traditional ‘platform and slide’ units currently in the school. To achieve this, the design included a pinnacle+ modular rope structure and an arrangement of spectrum+ overhead play activities.

The playground is comprised of a range of challenging components, including a Monkey Bar, Criss Cross Challenge, Rock Mountain Trek and Jungle Crossing, which were the activities that the children included on their playground ‘wish list’.

Finished in a natural, subdued colour scheme to suit the surroundings, this play unit not only looks great, but provides huge play value for the senior children.

Edwardstown Primary School

Our products utilised in this play space include:

adventure+ offered the trifecta of local content, price competitiveness and customised elements.

Karoline Klein, City of Greater Bendigo