Cloverlea Estate – Stage 4

Designed by Design Instincts Landscape Architects, this park provides a relaxing environment for the residents of Cloverlea Estate. With medium to high density dwellings throughout the estate, open spaces are important for families to get outside and have fun.

The pinnacle+ Mt Confidence V1 rope climbing structure at the centre of the play space stands at around 4.5 metres tall and affords little explorers an excellent view across the parkland. Rope structures like these provide an excellent way to climb challenging heights safely.

Also included in the play space is a Gyro4.5 multi directional, multi user swing. Standing at 4.5 metres tall this cantilevered swing not only is a design statement but also provides the amazing swinging sensation for all ages and abilities. To top it off, a Flyway25 Double flying fox sits at the edge of the play space, giving the flying thrill for children and parents alike!

Cloverlea Estate – Stage 4

Our products utilised in this play space include:

From initial design to installation was easy. The installers were fantastic, helpful, reliable and completed the job by leaving the site clean, neat and looking great.

Cairns Regional Council