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Please note: adventure+ is a commercial playground equipment supplier and does not provide equipment for domestic applications.

0725C Gforce Carousel

  • Equipment Size: 1.27m diameter
  • Required Area: 5.27m diameter
  • Use: Community
  • Price Range: $0 to $10K

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The motion+ Gforce carousel is a multi-user carousel that encourages collaborative and social play. The design allows for several users on and around the piece at one time. The variety of positions to sit and stand while spinning makes the play possibilities enormous and keeps children occupied with hours of fun. As well as the social benefits of simply playing alongside others and taking turns to share, is the balance and coordination skills required to stay on the spinner.

Almost every adult remembers the thrill of spinning at speed on a carousel or spinner at their local park as a child. With this in mind, our designers carefully engineered and design this carousel to ensure maximum spinning fun. But it hasn’t just been designed to be fun and developmentally beneficial! The availability of colour customisation allows you to make this one piece of equipment fit into the rest of your playground design. Additionally, playground equipment with moving parts are often subject to broken parts and vandalism, so we’ve invested time and resource to ensure these designs stand up to the high traffic of busy public parks.

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