Playground equipment for landscape architects

As landscape architects, your goal is to create a space that connects communities, generates interest and engagement, and positively displays the features and attractions of the local area for everyone to enjoy.

With more than 35 years’ experience interpreting design briefs and working with landscape architects, urban planners, local councils and property developers, we can help you navigate the complex process of creating attractive and uniquely designed play spaces and equipment that meets safety compliance requirements.

Why choose adventure+?

  • Custom portfolio play spaces

    We can create customised portfolio pieces that deliver unique design aesthetics and functional performance, with minimum-fuss installation and product performance guarantee to fit in with the broader development plan.

  • Choice

    We have all your commercial playground equipment needs covered, from timber playground equipment to rope climbing structures, steel play equipment to outdoor fitness equipment.

  • Australian-made products

    The large majority of our equipment is designed and manufactured here in Australia, using high-quality materials and proven construction methods suited for Australian conditions. Being a local manufacturer means we can provide quick back-up service.

  • Complete service

    We provide a full service, from consultation and interpretation to design, installation and final quality assurance inspections.

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Over thousands of projects, collaborating with Landscape Architects and Urban Designers, we have built an extensive portfolio of unique landmark play spaces. Click below for some great examples:

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I have worked with adventure+ before in the past and knew that they not only sold off the shelf items of play equipment, but have a lot of experience and success in custom design.

Claire Bottrall, City of Burnside