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Don’t Let a Small Budget or Space Result in a Boring Playground!

Everyone loves generous budgets and unrestricted space when creating a new play area, however, in reality, this is most often not the case. We believe that even if play spaces do have limited budgets or space, they should never be uninteresting and disengaging.

Designing a play space with limited budget or space can be a challenge, and often requires extensive thought around prioritising play elements so that the space provides sufficient play value for the users. Often it is the simple things that can make a small space inviting, for example, selecting an inviting colour scheme, choosing equipment that suits the surrounding environment and using economical natural elements to complement the play equipment. Our ability to design and manufacture equipment to suit specific project requirements is a key factor in ensuring that space and budget are used wisely.

Below are several small play spaces completed by adventure+ in conjunction with Landscape Architects and Councils over the past several years.

Regent Reserve, Strathfieldsaye

Located in a new estate in Strathfieldsaye, Central Victoria, this space includes a vibrantly coloured spectrum+ play unit and other play items including rockers, fitness equipment, and swings. While space wasn’t a limiting factor, careful selection of equipment was needed to ensure that costs were kept to a minimum.

Holmesglen Reserve, Ashwood

A small fort like the timber one installed at Holmesglen Reserve in Ashwood is a great option if only a small amount of play equipment is required. Even though small, they can be created high enough for senior slides and challenging climbers, as well as enhanced architecturally to make them look unique.

Marina Reserve, Mt Clear

Completed as part of Ballarat City Council’s Playground Renewal Program, this play equipment suits its natural setting. Including a symmetry+ play unit with an adjoining rope modular structure and a nest swing, this space includes everything a small local park needs.

Donath Reserve, Reservoir

This Darebin City Council play area includes a small unit and a climbing cube. A climbing cube is an ideal option for a limited budget, as it provides a vast range of play activities in one compact unit. To add interest to this space, natural elements were combined with the fixed play equipment, as seen with the rocks stepping up to the timber play unit.

Magellan Reserve, Kangaroo Flat

Set in a well established residential area, Thomson Hay & Associates Landscape Architects designed this space so that there was a combination of play equipment and open grassed areas. Included in the space is a combination play unit, swings, rocker and a multi directional Gyro swing. The play unit was designed to be as compact as possible, yet still includes a vast range of components, including two slides.

Tally Ho Reserve, Mount Waverley

The Tally Ho Reserve play space includes a variety of smaller play activities spread throughout the play space. This is great option where the budget is limited, but the area available is large.

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