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Climbing Cube…Compact Playground Equipment

If you are looking for compact playground equipment that provides a lot of play and learning opportunities, the Climbing Cube is the perfect answer!

Standard Climbing Cubes

The Cube only requires an area of 6.6 square meters and includes a variety of components including rope nets, chain ladder, climbing ropes and more. Available in the timber symmetry+ or steel spectrum+ construction styles, and in colours of your choice, this unit suits a vast range of situations.

spectrum+ climbing cube
spectrum+ Climbing Cube
symmetry+ climbing cube
symmetry+ Climbing Cube

Customised Climbing Cubes

As a designer and manufacturer of outdoor playground equipment, we can modify the standard units available to suit your individual requirements. This can include changing the type and configuration of the activities on the Cube or joining several cubes together. The height of the unit can also be altered to suit any application. For example, an Early Learning Centre may require the height to be 1.5m, however, a council may want to provide a challenge to its users and want the design to be 3.0 metres high. The maximum height allowed under the Australian Standards is 3.0 metres.

Below are some great examples of customised Climbing Cubes. We can include extra components such as climbing nets, plastic panels, monkey bars and more!

Schramms Reserve
Schramms Reserve
Gillingham Reserve
Gillingham Reserve

If you are looking for a compact, action packed play unit, the Climbing Cube is the ideal solution!

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